Polyversal Plans from Fans

Recently, we asked fans of our upcoming miniatures game, #Polyversal, what they plan to do with the game. The possibilities are endless with the game’s ability to use miniatures from any line and tell any story. Read some responses from fans here.


To help support the Polyversal Kickstarter re-launch and get a few feedback quotes, I asked backers of our first Kickstarter attempt as well as fans on Facebook – “What are your plans for Polyversal?” Polyversal is a very open miniatures gaming system not only regarding what miniatures you can use in the game and how you can design “Combatant Tiles” for them, but, the story itself. We certainly have a setting and story framework, but, you as a player are not limited to using what we provide. The opposite of limitation is true. We’ll be encouraging your creativity with the system and story and we want to hear your plans and see how things play out as you explore what is possible. I want to share some of the responses. If you have something to add, please comment and I’ll update this post.


Below are some quotes from some vocal supporters of our concept. We hope it inspires you to think out of the game box and generate your own big plans for Polyversal.

“The cooperation of multiple manufacturers around one ruleset with a physical boxed product has me excited the most. This brings to 6mm sci fi something that it desperately needs in the form of a product that stores can stock thus giving new players ease of access. If anything can revolutionize the 6mm sci fi hobby, Polyversal and its partners will be it.” -Abnatha Pryde

“A Miniatures game that allows me to use my imagination and available toys. Gives me the opportunity to keep everything to scale as well as purchase miniatures designed for the game. Add that to the care that Collins Epic Wargames uses to make a fully tested and gamer friendly rules set and you have a winner.” -Kevin D. Schuler

“Simply put there is a lack of open build 6mm rules sets out there. I’ve got lots of figures, I’ve got lots of terrain, but I need solid and easy to play rules with a good build mechanic. I was a long time battletech player and the reason I stuck with that game so long was because it offered an electronic build program so I wasn’t restricted to ‘book designs’. I have since moved over to Gruntz and CAV:Strike Operations for the same reasons. Both have solid rules backed by a solid build program.” -Todd ‘Mastergunz’ Farnholtz

“The Polyversal project has excited me since I first heard about it on the Meeples and Miniatures Podcast years ago. I have been a big Sci-Fi fan for many years (40+ years). I played a ton of Dirtside for a very long time. Polyversal seems to get where I want to go with my Sci-Fi gaming. I have a lot of minis that I want to incorporate into the game… I’m also looking for a game that my friends and I can explore Sci-Fi combat in a different way than we have before. I’m hoping that I can use Polyversal for club games, and to host games at our local conventions here in Southwestern Ontario.” -Brian Hall

“What I hope to do with PolyV is to set up a proxy war campaign. Where the players are Agents of the true Star Nations that do not want all out war but do want resources and land in a new area of space that has opened up. So the players will not be producing things but getting stuff from their patrons based on objectives completed, missions won, keeping things in check. Will have each player Choose a Tech they excel at and one they are lagging behind with, then build a base army profile. Upgrades and New units will come from the Nation backing them, some will be Mercs, others like the Foreign Legion, others will be Units from the Nation on extended duty.” -Lee Sweeney

“What you have in me as a supporter is someone with two armies worth of miniatures who’s (1) interested in expanding their use and (2) is interested in the newer miniatures available, but is too timid to actually purchase them without a solid justification. Polyversal afforded me the opportunity to sample and use the newer miniatures while being able to use what I already have. A win-win from my standpoint.” -Scott Chisholm

“I backed for the rules. I like having a good mix of infantry, vehicles, aircraft, and big stompy robots. Any rule set with a solid emphasis on combined arms is going to catch my attention. Most of the models I’ll use are from Combat Assault Vehicle (10mm) as the tanks/apcs/aircraft suit my style.” -jstenzel

“I’m looking for a really good ruleset I can use 10 & 15mm figures in. I love the dropzone & planetfall miniatures, but I’m not really happy with either set of rules. Being able to combine them into one game would be exactly what I’m looking for.” -Duskland

“My goals include using modern military vehicles (real tanks and stuff) and do invasion scenarios with battle tech or other futuristic mini’s. The questions I would like to answer include what would an Atlas (B-Tech) do to a battalion of M-1 Abrams tanks? How would modern tanks and mech infantry react to Hammer’s Slammers. In short re-create many short stories from Science Fiction.” -Doug Houseman

“Rules for many brands of minis, sadly I only have a few from each producer, include some from the now closed Steel Crown. I liked that you had the network to pickup that spot fast, even though some don’t think the awesome Hawk minis fit.” -Kenneth Mashburn

“I was planning on using Polyversal to play larger scale games using my Battletech collection. I have always enjoyed the BT universe and minis, but the rules are too random. I tried using Future War Commander, but it was more generic than I wanted. I heard about your system on the Meeples and Miniatures podcast, and I liked the potential to develop the combined arms scifi game I was seeking with my existing collection.” -Jake

“I became a backer of Polyversal as it looked like it had an easy and flexible stat mechanism and would be fast and fun to play. I have a great deal of mostly 6 & 10mm kits from multiple manufacturer lines – CAV, GZG, BattleTech, Brigade, Scotia-Grendel, GW Epic, to name a few, and I’m actually looking forward to spending a few hours (though probably weeks as I have so many different types) statting up for combined play in a new universe, secure in the knowledge that I can arrive in my games room, look at the numerous models I have lined up there and think; ” I’ll have one of them, one of them, two of those, Oooohhh, and THREE of those… ” and not care who the manufacturer or origin game line is…
Yes… finally… 3 GW Whirlwinds vs a CBT Atlas – Game On! :-)” -Kevin Boyce

What are your plans for Polyversal?


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